LCM - Lutherans, Presbyterians and Methodists Living Christ’s Mission Together


  • LCM – Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Methodist campus ministries have joined together.  We are LCM.  Loved. Called. Moved.  Doing these things in partnership together!


    • LCM – Lutherans, Presbyterians and United Methodists together.  Loved. Called.  Moved.  All in partnership together.

    We are committed to serving college-aged students and strongly support campus ministry, LCM at Montana State University.  Rooted in God's grace, LCM campus ministry provides a space for students to explore faith, engage in service, and encounter Christ's dynamic presence in community. Come join us!

    Check out LCM’s social media sites for information about upcoming events and to see tons of pictures about the many fun times they have shared together.

    For more info contact JP Carlson (402) 613-1973  email